The Robert R. Reid Award and Medal

Given on an occasional basis, The Robert R. Reid Award and Medal recognizes lifetime achievement or extraordinary contributions to the book arts in Canada.

The inaugural award was presented to Robert R. Reid at the Reidfest celebration in 2007.

Encompassing the spirit of book arts which the award celebrates is Robert R. Reid’s introduction to his book Fraser Mines Vindicated (1949): “There is another element, personality, without which a book is lost. It results from the designer imparting something of himself—his love for fine books, his consequent sincerity of purpose, his grasp of the elementals of the printing craft—into his books.”

In 2011, Robert Chaplin completed a spectacular medallion for the award recipients. Hand carved by Chaplin then cast in bronze by his colleague Jess Sarber, the work was completed in an edition of 25 with 5 artist proofs.

About the award, Chaplin commented, “Regarding the revelatory and concealing power of books, it seemed most fitting to encase each medal in this manner. Within this context the medal becomes a dimensional illustration, and since I’ve taken to publication as an act of contemporary art, it would be reasonable to assign an ISBN to this project. The book itself consists of an essay written by Yosef Wosk, regarding the value of a life spent in creation. The typography was designed electronically, burned into polymer plates, then printed and bound at Black Stone Press. A purpose built and published work to simultaneously protect and reveal a lifetime of excellence.”

On behalf of the Alcuin Society, we thank Robert Chaplin for the design of this award, and we trust it will be cherished by all who receive it.


Robert R. Reid Award Recipients

2017 | Denise Lapointe & David Carruthers, La Papeterie Saint-Armand
Presentation date and location to be announced

2015 | Rod McDonald
Presented June 6, 2016 in Vancouver

2014 | Jan & Crispin Elsted, the Barbarians
Presented June 8, 2015 in Vancouver

2013 | William Rueter RCA MGDC
Presented March 21, 2013 in Vancouver

2012 | Stan Bevington
Presented March 30, 2012 in Vancouver

2011 | Glenn Goluska
Presented at a private ceremony in Montreal in the spring of 2011

2010 | Jim Rimmer
Presented to the Rimmer family at the SFU Library/ Alcuin Society talk on October 21, 2011

2009 | Frank Newfeld
Presented on October 3, 2011 at the Arts and Letters Club in Toronto

2007 | Robert R. Reid
Robert received the inaugural honour at Reidfest November 16, 2007; the medal was presented at the Alcuin AGM in Vancouver June 13, 2011