A collection of passionate bibliophiles, The Alcuin Society is a non-profit organization supported by people who care about the past, present and future of fine books. Founded in 1965, the society is the only organization in Canada dedicated to the entire range of interests relating to books: publishing, book design and production, bookselling, book buying and collecting, printing, binding, papermaking, calligraphy and illustration.

for lovers of books, book arts and fine printing

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  • DictionariesFlier Settling the Language dictionary exhibition at UBC July 3, 2015 - Dictionaries have a curious place in our society as monuments to our languages. As they grow, change and become superseded, they stand as evidence of how individuals used words and constructed meaning. When I...
  • PNG 1231N weather 008 Love thy book, Canada June 20, 2015 - Is it just me, or it looks like people are reading more and more? I am amazed by the number of people pulling out a book (and I emphasize, a book, not an e-reader)...
  • a99042_library_10-wheels Libraries in unlikely forms and places June 5, 2015 - Amid our culture of violence and discrimination, there are some things that almost redeem us. Love, care and generosity can all be encountered in the establishment of a library. And we are not talking...
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