Publishing the Lande Bibliography

THE LANDE BIBLIOGRAPHY is a very special, lavishly produced book that reflects the monumental Lawrence Lande Collection of Canadiana that Lawrence had just donated to McGill with the proviso that McGill produce a catalog of the collection. I had just come to the McGill Press and, when handed the the project, decided that such a collection demanded a monumental book so I bought a special mouldmade paper from Spain, linen bookcloth from Holland, pigskin and Oasis Niger goatskins from Britain and hand-made papers from Britain and Italy. It was Mono-type-set in Montreal in Bulmer, the same type as you are reading here [below]. We thought the book must be printed in Canada but there was no printer capable of such a feat here, so McGill bought a Heidelberg cylinder press and we hired Ib Kristensen to come from Vancouver and print the book for us, two pages as a time on beautiful Spanish paper on the press shown here, set in the basement of Redpath Hall next to the library.

Scan 9

In my office at McGill University Press on Redpath Street with Ib Kristensen.

Scan 15

The Richard Pennington Printing Office at the Redpath Press at McGill University located in the basement of Redpath Hall. Our prize was the beautiful Heidelberg Cylinder Press, and we hired Ib Kristensen to come to McGill from Vancouver to run it. We used the press principally to print the Lande Biography, but did job printing as well.

Scan 13

Our Magnum Opus at the Press, considered to be the most beautifully printed Canadian Book. We set up our own private press, because no Canadian printer was capable of printing such a book.


  1. My Dear precious-type person/friendBob,

    How beautiful every inch of these are! A lost art that we need to celebrate by teaching young people about the elements and principles of this form and the aesthetics that make ‘lettrage’ so fabulous.
    Maybe even dig up old teaching materials and offer them to those who might put them into practice?


  2. Incredible work you have done throughout your life Bob!!!! Truly an art of the heart and soul!!!! Beauty that is lost in the technological age. The true art of creating the aesthetic beauty of letters, so that we as human beings can rise up and move deeper into another realm of the divine essence!!!!!

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