The British Columbia Library Quarterly

Librarians are a civilized lot, so it was a great pleasure for me produce their quarterly journal for four years before I left Vancouver. I printed it in my basement printing shop in my home in Burnaby, and had a totally free hand with the design of both the text pages and the ad pages (including Duthie Books ads, for example). The Covers are outstanding because I got my students at the Art School, where I was teaching, to do woodcuts and linocuts for me to print on the covers. George Kuthan also contributed mightily to the covers, as can be seen by the wonderful series or wild flowers that he did for us.

Bill Reid cover

British Columbia Library Quarterly journal covers by Bill Reid

The librarians took all this for granted until, to their great joy and surprise, their quarterly journal was voted the best library publication in North America. It all started when Neil Harlow, the UBC Librarian and great admirer of my work, asked me to produce a special issue for a convention the BC librarians were having. I got Bill Reid to make one of his beautiful silver engravings for the cover. I used to mount them type high and print them before he turned them into silver boxes and things like that. This one was saved from such a fate and is currently owned by Jan Alexander. The issue was such a great success that I was asked to continue printing each issue from then on.

British Columbia Library Quarterly journal covers by Keith Branscombe, Ted Larson, and George Kuthan

British Columbia Library Quarterly journal covers by George Kuthan