Sue Colberg: Judging – From Leipzig to Vancouver

Sue Colberg, Associate Professor of Design Studies at University of Alberta, was one of seven judges, the only juror from North America, at the prestigious annual international competition in Leipzig, Germany, 2018 Schönste Bücher aus aller Welt –  2018 Best Book Design from All Over the World. She will also be one of the judges at the 36th Alcuin book design competition, The 2017 Alcuin Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada.

Leipzig book design competition 2018 jurors

Colberg, second right, is the winner of multiple national and international book design awards herself, including several from previous Alcuin book design competitions.  In this video, Colberg discusses the books from last year’s competition at the University of Alberta FABS Gallery exhibit of the winning books. The 2107 Alcuin competition will take place in Vancouver on March 17th.

This year, books from 33 countries were represented at the Leipzig competition. The 14 winners were from China, Germany, Israel,  Japan, The Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, and Venezuela.