SFU announces the launch of the open access SFU Archaeology Press catalogue

I watch the emerging innovations in scholarly publishing with great interest, and I was happy to get notification that Simon Fraser University Archeology and Library have announced the launch of the open access SFU Archaeology Press catalogue. They have invited the community to attend a panel discussion to explore the past, present, and future of publishing in archaeology.

Here’s an excerpt from their announcement:

Join us for a panel discussion as we celebrate the past, and contemplate the future of SFU Archaeology Press and the outstanding contributions of Professor Emeritus Dr. Roy Carlson.

Panelists will discuss the importance of publishing in archaeology, the incredible contributions that SFU Archaeology Press has made, and their hopes for the future of open access digital publishing.

Reception to follow.


Roy Carlson, Professor & Editor Emeritus, SFU Archaeology Press
Kevin Stranack, Head, Digital Publishing & Associate Director, Community Engagement & Learning at the Public Knowledge Project SFU Library
Paula Thorogood, Director (acting), BC Archaeology Branch
Achinie Wijesinghe, President, BC Association of Professional Archaeologists
Christopher Dore, President Elect, Register of Professional Archaeologists & Faculty, SFU HRM Professional Graduate Program
Mark Collard, Professor & CRC, SFU Department of Archaeology
George Nicholas, Professor & Chair, SFU Department of Archaeology

You can read their full announcement here.


Image credit: SFU Archeology (http://www.lib.sfu.ca/help/publish/dp/arch-press).