Robert R. Reid Exhibition at Massey College in Toronto

In May 1957, Carl Dair wrote to a colleague in the design profession regarding his decision to join the Typographic Designers of Canada. He also proposed in that letter setting up an Octovo Club of eight members who would comprise the pacesetters in the profession. He listed Robert Reid as being one of the eight. Reid had not turned thirty yet and was by far the youngest in the group.

This exhibition sets out some of the work that Dair might have seen and more.

The exhibition consists of examples of Robert Reid’s books and broadsides with annotations by the curator from The Fraser Mines Vindicated (1949) to the present day printed in Vancouver, Montreal, New Haven and again in Vancouver.

The exhibition is available for viewing from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday to Friday. At the entrance to Massey College is the Porter’s office. As a visitor, please check in with the Porter’s office and advise the Porter that you are visiting the exhibition.