Railroad postage stamps

I started collecting model trains in the early 1970s in Montreal, and became a dedicated train buff from then on. Subsequently I amassed a goodly collection of Canadian, American, British and French locomotives and rolling stock, mostly steam but some diesel. So when I started collecting postage stamps in New Haven , it was natural that I should include a special collection of the many stamps covering railroads. I was totally surprised to find so many currently being published by post offices around the world—many more than those on ships and airplanes. Which just goes to prove that trains still hold a special place in the hearts of mankind. Indeed, so special that they are having a resurgence of building all new lines as a sign of “progress.” And in Western countries there are a rash of short-run scenic railroads run by railroad buffs using equipment they have taken great pains to restore. Terry and I even got a book together about the ones in North America and had it published in New York by E.P. Dutton.