Moscow transit offers free book downloads

It is inspiring to see the creative ways out there to spread the love for literature. (This Little Free Library project is just one of them.) Now Moscow transit system offers passengers more than 100 Russian classical titles to be downloaded for free. This service is available on 700 of its buses, trams and trolleybuses, and at 195 of its metro stations. Scanning a code with a smartphone or tablet gives commuters instant access to the virtual library, which includes names like Chekhov and Tolstoy.

This project is part of a bigger initiative to modernize transit, which include providing free wi-fi on all trains by the end of the year. It is a smart way to get involved with the passengers, considering that reading is one of the commuters’ favourite pastimes. Of course, this may not be very popular with those who prefer paper books, but it is a wonderful opportunity to get a taste of the Russian literature for those who get consumed by the digital and are not necessarily interested in books. We would love to see this kind of initiatives on Canadian transit as well.

Moscow Metro is one of the oldest and most beautiful subway systems in the world. Opened in 1935, its stations are examples of exquisite architecture and elegance.

Keivskaya station

Keivskaya station

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  1. Robert Reid

    MY favorite people are the Russians. Everything they do is WORLD CLASS. They must have some special genes that always enable them to rise to the top in all their endeavors. Good luck to them, with great respect. RRR

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