Little Free Library

There are still people who love books. How do we know that? Among all the fuss about electronic devices and digital media, there are still folks who start initiatives such as the Little Free Library. I was amazed to hear that such a thing exists, and there are even several locations in Vancouver. The concept consists in miniature “book houses” located in public spaces, so that anybody can leave or borrow a book. This becomes more like a community library, where anybody can contribute or benefit. It is a wonderful idea of passing along books, so that they can be enjoyed by other people as well.

The whole thing started as a school project: Todd Bol from Hudson, Wisconsin, built a little school house as a storage for books and installed it on his lawn. Rich Brooks, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, saw the potential, and this is how the Little Free Library was born. It was 2009. By January 2014, there were around 15,000 locations all around the world. There are 13 Little Free Libraries in Vancouver, one of which being this wonderful construction at St. Augustine’s Anglican Church, on 71st and Hudson. Feel free to browse through many other very crafty book houses on the Little Free Library Flickr gallery. Search the map for a location near you, or feel free to start your own project. Sometimes what it takes is just a handful of people to start something inspiring and amazing.