In memoriam — Geoffrey Spencer

Editor’s note: this memorial for Geoffrey Spenser was created in March 2015 when he passed away. Geoffrey was survived by his wife Elizabeth.

The Alcuin Society has lost its founding member to old age after a long and eventful life that included mysterious service in the British Special Operations Executive during World War II. Geoffrey emigrated to Vancouver in 1948, bringing with him a love of rare books, calligraphy and the arts in general. He made a living in sales whilst writing books, plays and poetry. Multi-lingual, widely read, interesting and cerebral, he lived his life with humour and honour. He spoke his mind and lived life on his terms. He had a good long time on this earth, loved his family and died with no regrets. The Alcuin Board wishes to expresses its deepest regrets at his passing, and reaffirm its thanks to Geoffrey for all he has contributed to the success of the Society. R.I.P.0001