Charles Mayrs celebrates 70 years of work in one exhibition

As artistic careers go, not many could be more long-lasting and diverse than Charles Mayrs‘. He started his in advertising, progressing from a junior artist, to award-winning art director and writer. He built his own successful business in advertising and upon selling it he felt free to return to his passions of drawing, painting, writing and taking beautiful pictures. Charles was initiated in the art of typography by the extraordinary Robert Reid, and eventually he reached the conclusion that the medium that could best combine all his passions was the printed book, and thus he explored the elegance of letterpress printing, producing several limited edition books. Many of them can be found in the special collections of the Canadian libraries and universities. In 2009, the Alcuin Society awarded Charles Mayr the first prize in the limited edition category for his book British Columbia. In Light and Dark.


To celebrate a lifetime of artistic work, Charles Mayrs put together an exhibition at the Visual Space Gallery, on 3352 Dunbar Street. It opens with a reception on Saturday, October 24, 12-5 pm, and it is open until October 30, 12-5 pm daily. It is worth checking it out, to experience a jolt of mental energy and wonder.

Charles’ art is eclectic and sharp, full of character and life. His figurative painting and drawing is abstract and full of mystery. His interpretation of the human body is bold, trying to communicate our anxieties and fears. In one of his poems, he explains his creed:

I paint
Because of growing wrath
I paint
To probe another path

A path decisive
With contradiction
Sordid dreams
And dereliction

I paint
For love of art
Its wonderment
Its throbbing heart

I paint
To show the pain
Of human wrongs
And things insane.