Candace Thayer-Coe (Cloud Art) at Wayzgoose

(The Alcuin Society Wayzgoose will be held Sat. Nov 4 1030-430 Vancouver Public Library Central Branch)

Candace began drawing, painting, etching prints and collaging while she lived in the Philippines. While associating with many artistic people and friends Candace learned how to make her own paper in the mountain town of Baguio City, with the help of the Duntog Paper Mill, a facility for hand paper making. There she learned Suminagashi or Japanese marbling as well, and  was also introduced to Turkish Marbling.

She continued to study the traditional techniques for Turkish Marbling and worked with several masters in the United States.

When Candace moved to Vancouver, she started Cloud Art Studio and continued to create marbled works on both her own handmade paper and on commercially made paper. Her papers and greeting cards will be for sale at the Wayzgoose and by appointment.

Suminagashi  marbling images:

papers suminigashi 1  suminigashi 2

Turkish Marbling images:

turkish 2turkish