The Alcuin Society

Coat of Arms

The motto BONI LIBRI BENE CONFECTI means "Good books well made." For a more detailed description of the coat of arms, see below. Click here to learn about heraldry, courtesy of the website of the Governor General of Canada.

Alcuin Society Coat of Arms Herladry

DESCRIPTION: "...I, the Chief Herald of Canada, do by these Presents grant and assign to THE ALCUIN SOCIETY the following Arms: Perchevron Azure and Argent in chief two open books Argent edged Or and in base a handpress Azure; And for a Crest: Issuant from a circlet of maple leaves Or and dogwood flowers Argent, a demi-sixteen-century pressman affronty proper habited Azure holding in the dexter hand a composing stick and in the sinister hand a punch OR; And for a Motto: BONI LIBRI BENE CONFECTI, meaning "Good books well made"; And for Supporters: Two owls Or each gorged with a collar Azure pendent therefrom a hurt, that to the dexter charged with a quill and a knife in saltire Or, that to the sinister charged with a rose Argent, standing on a rocky mound proper above barry wavy Azure and Argent; And for a Flag: A banner of the Arms; And for a Badge: An owl statant Or its dexter wing resting on a book Argent bound Azure..."

Click here for a high resolution version of the warrant for the grant.