Board of Directors

The Alcuin Society’s Board of Directors meets nine times each year, sharing responsibility for the book design competition, awards and prizes, events, membership and publications including Amphora.

Composed of twelve voting directors and several ex-officio directors, each serves a three-year term.

Current Board of Directors

Howard Greaves | Chair
Sarah Sutherland | Vice-Chair
Merrill Fearon | Secretary

Leah Gordon | Book Design Chair
Gina Page | Program Chair
Ralph Stanton | Publications Chair
Wendy Massing | Membership Chair
Richard Hopkins
Kim Koch
John Maxwell
Mary Luebbe

Ex-officio Board Members

Marlene Chan | Montreal Liaison
Chester Gryski | Toronto Liaison
Heather Dean | Victoria Liaison
Peter Hay | Okanagan Liaison
Peter Mitham | Amphora Editor
Shelley Gruendler
Grant Hurley
Robin Mitchell-Cranfield