The Alcuin Awards catalogue for 2016 is now available!

The digital edition of the Alcuin Society Awards catalogue for books published in 2016 is now available!

You can download a copy here or click on the cover image below.
2016 Alcuin Awards Catalogue
The print edition will be mailed to Alcuin Society members shortly.

The catalogue was created and compiled by an incredible team this year. Following an intensive day of judging completed by Robin Mitchell Cranfield, Judith Poirier, and Matt Warburton on March 18, 2017, the catalogue team flew into action.

Graphic designer Emma Novotny was responsible for the catalogue’s outstanding design. The first task was to get the photographs of the winning books together, since these form the core of the catalogue. Bruce Law photographed the 35 winning books inside and out, and Scott Falkner meticulously close-cropped the images for use in the catalogue. Bruce and Scott’s fantastic work enabled Emma to showcase the books front-and-centre in her design. Page spreads for each category replicate the look and feel of the books as they are spread out on a table – much like how the judges and those who come to the Alcuin exhibits across the country see them. Large images of the books on individual pages give readers a strong sense of their design and layout.

For the text, Michael Leyne performed the crucial role of gathering the judges’ comments and editing them into awards citations to accompany each book. Leah Gordon compiled all the detailed publication data listed with each winner, and Chantale Roy provided the excellent French translations. The all-important task of proofreading and data verification was performed by John Maxwell and SFU Masters of Publishing students Ariel Hudnall and Aurora Van Roon.

I had the pleasure of overseeing the project from start to finish, in addition to writing the preface, compiling the index, and the numerous other little tasks involved in creating such a publication. Emma and I discussed the ins and outs of the catalogue throughout the process. One unique approach we’ve taken this year is to arrange the award categories in the order in which they were judged to give the catalogue a closer link to the judging process and to lend readers a sense of the judges’ flow from category to category. It’s a slightly new take on our traditional approach that we hope will refresh readers’ approaches to the catalogue.

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Leah Gordon’s kind assistance throughout this project through advice and guidance, as well as Jacqui Kempton at Still Creek Press who oversaw the catalogue’s print production.

I hope you enjoy the catalogue!

Grant Hurley