2014 Vancouver books

When you recognize a place in a movie or book, it makes you feel a stronger, more personal connection with that work: here is that coffee shop that you pass by every morning; that crooked tree under which you had your first kiss; and when the author describes the streets shining with rain late at night, you know exactly what he means. It always gives me chills when I recognize some Vancouver corner in a movie, and my heart leaps when I find even the mention of the city in a novel. Moreover, when I travel to a new place, it is very enticing to read a book set in that place: it helps bridge the distance, and creates a sense of intimacy that is not easy to achieve at first sight.

So for those new to Vancouver, and even those who know the city in and out, here is a list of books by Vancouver authors. Not all of them are set here, but they create a well-rounded image of what it means to live here. Please note that the second one featured is Vancouver Confidential, among whose contributors is none other than Jason Vanderhill, former member of the Alcuin Society Board of Directors.